Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Day Jitters

I've been reading lots of posts from blogs I follow about First Day Jitters so I thought I would try a blog hop.  Fierce in Fourth is hosting the blog hop based on the book with the same title, "First Day Jitters".

1)  This will be my first year teaching middle school math.  (After graduating 5 years ago, I will finally be teaching my passion!)  I'm nervous because not only is this my first year teaching math, but I will also be teaching middle school science and K-8 Physical Education.  That's a lot of planning to have to do!

2)  During both my math and science classes, I will have  multi grade classroom.  The 5th and 6th grade are together and the 7th and 8th grade are together.  Our school is very small so the class sizes aren't that big, but for math I will be teaching two different curriculums during the same period of time.  I'm not quite as worried about science, because, although the grades are together, they are working with the same curriculum.  I'm sure we will get into a routine, but right now it's hard to plan for because I have never done it before.

3)  I'm the lucky and unlucky teacher in our school that gets one of our new classrooms this year.  I'm lucky because everything will be brand new and I get to set the classroom up completely how I want it.  Unlucky because I can't get into my classroom until about a week before school starts!  I hope they don't push it back again.

Through all my nerves I know that the Lord will continue to guide me on the path He has planned for me.  I just need to remember to breathe and trust in Him.


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