Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Making Progress...

I'm continuing to feel overwhelmed with the amount of work I need to get done before school starts,  but I'm making progress.  As stressed out as I am, I have to admit the more I work on getting the things on my "to do" list done, the more excited I get about school.

Since I am not able to get into my classroom until a week before school starts, I'm doing everything I can to get things done at home.  One of these things includes making different signs that I will hang around my room.  Here are two that I finished yesterday:

I got both of these sayings from Pinterest, but made them myself using my digital scrapbooking software MyMemories.  (Which I highly recommend if you are at all interested in digital scrapbooking!  I have tried a  couple different programs and this one is by far the easiest to use and the most versatile. )  Now I just need to get them printed at our local print shop.  I have quite a few sayings or signs that I have seen on Pinterest that I want to make.  Some of them are specific to math or science.  Hopefully I can get them done and printed before I head into my classroom.

I'm still trying to figure out how I am going to set up my math notebooks.  I started making sheets for my 5th graders notebook and realized if I continued to do it how I was doing it, I would end up making one for each lesson.  Even as I type, I'm getting more ideas.  It's a process that I know will all come together eventually.  (And I know this year may be a bit of a trial year for them since I've never done them before.)

One last thing...I came across my newest favorite teaching blog.  Head over to Making it as a Middle School Teacher and check it out.  She has LOTS of wonderful ideas.  Now to find time to look at all those wonderful ideas...

God's blessings!

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